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Case studies

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Reaching a dispersed population


Need: A union with a large, distributed population wanted to promote its benefit offerings and communicate health, wellness, and work-life balance information to its member base. Providing this information electronically would allow union members to access it at any time and wouldn’t be restricted to attending on-site health fairs.


Solution: We built a website so that members could access information easily and at their convenience. The site was designed as a virtual town featuring buildings representing various topics (e.g., money, fitness, adult care, childcare) each one leading users to related content, web resources, and company-specific benefits.


Result: Increased utilization that keeps growing every year.



Program integration


Need: A large, national company wanted to provide its employees with an integrated wellness program that fit into its corporate branding.


Solution: We branded an integrated EAP, Work-Life, and Wellness program. The program was benefit-rich and addressed all life events an employee may experience. All communication materials followed the company’s branding guidelines so that they integrated easily with other company benefit information.


Result: The program won the 2005 Employee Assistance Society of North America’s (EASNA) award for Innovative Programs. It has been recognized across the country and continually helps to retain and attract talent.


Need: When a large union transferred its services to us, we found that its communication collateral lacked strategy and did not truly reflect the union or its members well.


Solution: We partnered with the union to build a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy. First, we built a brand, created a logo and website, and developed consistent messaging. Then, we created meaningful collateral that members could recognize and use.


Result: : A unified brand with an effective, informative website. We created a comprehensive marketing and communications plan and assisted with event planning for “brand ambassadors.”



Customized training


Need: A large, national communications company was challenged by employees whose behavior at work was not professional.


Solution: We developed a specialized, half-day interactive workshop that explored expectations around work and addressed unrealistic perceptions and beliefs about how individuals should conduct themselves in a work setting. The training focused on problem-solving approaches and skills to overcome obstacles to success. Topics included communication, dealing with conflict, managing anger, and managing time.


Result: High satisfaction ratings from employees resulting in behavioral change. The company incorporated the training into orientation for new employees.



Need: A large, national company was challenged by employee absenteeism.


Solution: We worked with the company to target a location that was most affected by this problem and designed an initiative that included a seminar series titled “Quick Tips for Busy Lives.” Each month featured a short seminar on a different topic such as managing finances or finding childcare. At the end of the seminar, employees had the option of participating in an on-site health screening, which aided the company in reducing premium costs.


Result: Reduced employee absenteeism.


Customized programs


Need: A national technology company wanted more moms-to-be to enroll in its healthy pregnancy program. The program was designed to reduce healthcare expenses related to premature delivery or birth defects associated with unhealthy behaviors during pregnancy. The company also wanted to foster company loyalty and increase utilization of Work-Life Services.


Solution:We created a gift basket that was sent to every mom-to-be who contacted Work-Life Services. The gift basket included items branded with the company’s logo as well as other practical items for prenatal health and the baby.


Result: Increased awareness of the importance of healthy pregnancies. We also integrated this program with the company’s medical insurer so that mothers received a basket as soon as the insurance company was notified of the pregnancy.


Integrations with other company benefits


Need: A national client with a comprehensive benefits program wanted vendors to work together to increase utilization of all benefits.


Solution: We partnered with the client’s smoking cessation program vendor to integrate information about this program with Work-Life promotions and wellness packets. Work-Life specialists were trained to make referrals to the smoking cessation program, as appropriate.


Result: Increased utilization of the smoking cessation program.



Need: A national shipping company asked us to team up with its disability insurance carrier to tie EAP and Work-Life Services into its disability product.


Solution: We collaborated with the disability carrier and the client to produce a “Preparing for Disability” packet. The packet described the many ways EAP and Work-Life Services can help employees prepare for disability. The packet also included information from the disability carrier.


Result: Increase in EAP and Work-Life utilization during disability leave.



Need: A large company created a teen driving safety handbook for employees with teenagers. However, the client had difficulty promoting the handbook and getting employees to the right place within the organization to obtain the handbook.


Solution: : We included the handbook with our Teen Driving monthly promotion and trained Work-Life specialists to include the handbook in any teen driving educational materials sent to employees and family members.


Result: Employees were better able to access the handbook.




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