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E/EAP and Work-Life Services

EAP and Work-Life Services

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Value-Added Features of
EAP & Work-Life Services

  • Phones answered live by our in-house professionals 24/7
  • Work-Life expanded to include Convenience Services to help with everyday needs, such as moving and relocation, home repairs, vacation planning, pet care, and health and wellness
  • Access to innovative programs and e-tools to help employees, such as self-assessments and webinars

We believe that the purpose of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Work-Life Services is to aid the entire enterprise and ensure that people and systems continue to function optimally regardless of individual or organizational challenges.

Therefore, we offer more than just the traditional services – counseling and referral services 24 hours a day, seven days a week; substance abuse programs; legal and financial advice – you would expect from an average provider. Our program also includes an online coaching platform, management consultations, orientations, 24/7 access to experts, customized referral packets, and services that help with everyday challenges such as finding a plumber, locating a supermarket that delivers, or locating resources to help care for older adults.

Our holistic and practical approach to making life easier helps maximize performance on the organizational, managerial, and employee levels. Our approach also helps managers and HR professionals strategize and streamline operations so that their lives are also made easier.

Our EAP and Work-Life provide easy access to solutions for any personal or work-related issues people may experience. This service ultimately leads to higher satisfaction with, and therefore higher utilization of the program, resulting in increased productivity and retention.

Life Made Easier.

What distinguishes us from the rest:

  • Primary focus on Life Made Easier for employers and employees at all levels to help with any challenge – in work or life
  • Unique approaches to helping HR professionals implement effective, lasting strategic solutions
  • Understanding of and involvement with each client's organizational culture
  • Extraordinary, award-winning customer service
  • Added value through our team of strategic marketing and communications professionals, graphic designers, writers, trainers, and web developers to help with internal promotion of benefits and their value to employees
  • Cross referrals: Our counselors and specialists are trained to know and understand our clients' other benefits and refer employees when appropriate

EAP and Work/Life makes life easier for:


-   Higher employee engagement and loyalty

-   Lower absenteeism and presenteeism

-   Better employee retention

-   Reduced healthcare costs

-   Prevention of or quick response to workforce crises

HR Staff

-   Assistance with internal marketing and communication of employer-sponsored benefits

-   Help with HR issues such as policy development, management consultations, dealing with difficult employees, etc.

-   Impartial and confidential and support


-   Access to training and executive coaching on topics concerning human behavior, time management, teamwork,
    and staff mentoring

-   Assistance with leadership issues including conflict resolution, communication challenges, business writing,
    and much more


-   Emotional support and resources for work and personal issues

-   Practical solutions in the form of referrals and other research

-   Free and confidential services

We can help make your life easier. Let us show you how.

For more information on any of our services, call us at 1-800-441-7509 or contact info@hriworld.com.


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