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HR Marketing and Communications

HR marketing and communications

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Effective communication can be critical to your organization’s success and can have a significant impact on your workforce. We work closely with our clients to ensure that all of the health and wellness benefits and services we offer are communicated consistently and accurately to employees and managers. When you partner with us, we will develop a comprehensive internal communications campaign to introduce, market, and brand your program. We tailor communications to each client’s organizational objectives and culture, and to the specific needs of the employee population.

Our in-house, multidisciplinary team of marketing, strategy, and organizational psychology experts helps organizations find and utilize opportunities for creative marketing. We provide timely materials, monthly program collateral, and consistent client outreach to ensure program visibility, awareness, and usage. We will help you establish a brand and an identity for your program that articulates what it is and how it fits with your mission and objectives. We will work with you to develop a strategy for consistent branding across your marketing and communications campaign that reflects your organizational principles.

Our member website was the recipient of the 2011 Web Award Standard of Excellence. This award recognizes the standard of excellence for which all websites should strive.

Our marketing and communications services can include:

Strategic marketing and communications

When you partner with us, we will design, produce, and implement your internal marketing and communication strategy from initial planning stages to launch and beyond. From creative brainstorming, planning, and editing through design and distribution, our strategic marketing/communications experts will ensure that your HR communication campaign is innovative, resonates with your workforce, and encourages program participation and awareness. Whether you’re focused on traditional print or online communications, or you’re exploring newer media such as social networking possibilities, we can help.

Digital strategy consulting

The growing importance of social media programs in day-to-day communications plays an important role in how organizations are perceived. They are important means of interacting with your workforce, potential clients, and existing clients, and they are integral to building a lasting brand. Our in-house award-winning digital strategy experts can assess whether a social media presence makes sense for your organization. We will work with you to create an effective plan to launch your digital campaigns and help strengthen your reputation.

Strategic communications audits

Organizations are constantly challenged to be more strategic in their internal marketing and communications efforts. Being strategic requires organizations to be more deliberate, innovative, and proactive. A systematic assessment of an organization’s capacity for, or performance of, essential marketing and communications practices helps determine what is working well, what is not, and what might work better. We will help you determine the right delivery vehicle: for example, intranet vs. posters vs. email communication. We will also partner with you to explore new communications options to reach your entire workforce.

Content and editorial

We can help HR and your organization’s leaders improve communication efforts. Our skilled editors, writers, and web content experts can write or review your messaging so that it is effective in communicating your organizational message. Our decades of experience will ensure that information is written and presented clearly and consistently in both print and online communications so that it is well-received by the intended audience.

Event marketing

Theme-based marketing is the most effective vehicle for connecting your employees with organizational goals and promoting culture shifts in your company. We have a long history of creative marketing strategies, ranging from competitions, such as a "Biggest Loser" weight loss event for an international delivery company, to family events, such as Family Care Fairs for a large telecommunications company that brought families and local vendors together to learn about health resources available in their communities.

In addition to on-site programs, our strong digital and web capabilities allow us to host events online or through mobile web applications. We can track incentive programs online and allocate points to employees based on specific actions they have taken, such as completing a Health Risk Assessment or enrolling in a health and wellness program. Whether your goal is a healthier workforce or enhanced productivity and cost control, we will work with you to define objectives and plan an engaging event within your budget to help you build a stronger organization.

For more information on any of our programs or services, please contact info@hriworld.com.

We understand people. We understand organizational dynamics. We know what gets in the way of people’s productivity. We’re not your traditional EAP. As an extension of our expertise in human behavior and our knowledge and understanding of how people learn, we were one of the first to introduce the use of decision support tools in the workplace to help people find the right solutions at the right time.

We are recognized as a leading producer and designer of web applications that guide people to benefits and resources to help them make informed decisions so they can remain productive at home and at work. We understood early on that having the right web tools is an important component of a complete, easy-to-use solution for employees and their families when seeking company-sponsored benefits and resources.

“What’s on your mind?” is not only a tagline. We live, breath, and embody the essence of that phrase: our experience helping and guiding people to solutions has been the baseline for all of our web products. The result is a unique user experience, one that has generated proven results for the companies we serve. Oh, and awards too.


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