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HR support

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We see partnering with HR as one of our most important roles. We work with organizations to identify solutions for human resources that will provide a competitive edge in attracting and retaining a company’s most valuable resource: its employees. We have helped organizations set up flextime policies, rethink job descriptions, and create attractive benefits customized to the organization’s particular employee population.

We also provide unlimited consultations with experts who have both comprehensive experience in the world of business and expertise in how people make decisions and change their behavior. And we offer specialized seminars, webinars, and teleconferences for HR professionals on topics such as How to Coach Employees Effectively, Productivity and Social Networking, Tools for Successful Decision-Making, and Preventing Sexual Harassment.

In addition, we provide regular communications and newsletters that aid HR professionals in promoting the EAP and Work-Life programs and that provide up-to-date guidance on dealing with employee-related issues.

Most importantly, we respond to long-term changes (e.g., the new economy, the changing workplace) and sudden changes (e.g., natural disasters) with targeted communications and teleconferences, always aimed at providing you with the support, information, and guidance you need.

We are here when you need us, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For more information on any of our programs or services, please contact info@hriworld.com.


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