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International Services

International services

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Business today is global.

We are well ahead of the curve in international services, with a worldwide focus dating back to the company’s inception in 1982, and as one of the largest U.S. providers of international Employee Assistance Programs. We bring years of experience to meeting organizational needs around the globe.

Our International Services helps multinational organizations function smoothly as they expand into new territories and markets. We support expatriates dealing with the unique challenges of working in a different country and being away from loved ones. We also provide a unique benefit to local nationals; in fact, we were the first company to offer EAP services in Russia.

We provide locally based, culturally relevant EAP, Work-Life, training, and other services around the globe 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For more information on any of our programs or services, please contact info@hriworld.com.


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