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Here are a few things our clients are saying about us:

“The EAP saved my job because it helped me get off a prescription drug addiction.” – Employee of a financial institution

“I recently used EAP to deal with some issues relating to my father’s health and care. They were incredibly helpful and sent along pages of referrals, relevant information, etc. The information was carefully tailored to the various issues I presented to them. I was a little slow to call at first since I imagined they would send me stuff I could easily find myself, but I got a ton of resources I never would have considered. Just wanted to pass that along in case it could help anyone out. – Employee of a nonprofit writing to his HR manager

“You provided me with priceless information and I really did need the boost at that time. You knew exactly what to say and how to say it to me and for that I will always be most grateful. I would certainly recommend your services to all those who need your guidance.” – Employee of a financial institution

“I wanted to send a thank you for all your assistance with the childcare referrals. We did end up finding an open spot for our son and he actually starts day care next week. We wouldn't have found it without your assistance; we are very appreciative of your help.” – Employee of a large telecommunications company

“Thank you for the great work you did for me. For the first time in many months I am able to sit down with my children and really enjoy being with them. Without your clinical intervention, I do not know how I would have been able to cope.” – Employee of a manufacturing company

“Thank you for the information – it was exactly what I was looking for! I think your company does a fantastic job, as I have used your services for a number of different concerns.” – Employee of a pharmaceuticals company

“I love this website! I'm in HR and use it frequently and also refer many of my managers to this site too!”

“I just wanted to write to you to tell you what a fantastic job [the executive coach] has done. [The executive] has made vast improvement! Her boss is incredibly pleased with her change in approach and demeanor. I would use [the executive coach] again in a heartbeat. Thank you for all of your help.” – HR professional at a large financial institution

I spoke to one of the counselors and he was absolutely wonderful. He gave me great recommendations and ensured me that he would alert his team, which I later heard he immediately did. I can't say enough about EAP and Work-Life Services; they were so prepared to help me in this critical situation.” HR Operations Manager from a top-tier university.

“You have helped me with many tricky manager referral cases over the last year. [The management consultant] is so responsive, even after-hours and during the weekend. When I need help I’m confident that I can go to you.” – HR manager at a communications company

“The training was excellent! [The trainer] did an outstanding presentation. There were 30 people in attendance. Thank you for all of your assistance in this training.” – HR director at a health insurance company

"I really appreciate how the AM team works at understanding our internal culture" – VP of HR at a financial institution

“My account manager has consistently supported and coached me through challenges at work. They have offered dynamic, appropriate responses that have contributed to my understanding my internal culture.” – HR Manager at a manufacturing company

"Understanding the internal politics of one's own company is not just smart; it is essential to being successful. Our account management team has offered concrete help in me being better at this." – HR professional at a financial institution

"The account management team took time to understand our business and how the internal pressures affect our employees; they then came up with dynamic solutions to a variety of challenges."— HR Manager at a financial institution

"The account management team came up with a training on how to support and coach new managers; it allowed the new managers a foot up so to speak by giving them ideas, techniques, etc. They really added value to the process of training new managers." – Director of finance and administration at a non-profit organization

"Our account manager really understands that within HR we must always be connecting business drivers with HR initiatives, otherwise there is no internal buy-in." — HR manager at a communications company

"During a time of organizational crisis the EAP and Work-Life account management team was there for the HR team, they coached us, brainstormed, and supported us to find clear solutions." –HR Manager at a manufacturing company

“I really appreciate how my account manager works with me to develop a communications plan that speaks to my specific population. Communications are targeted, direct, and attractive!”- Director of HR at a manufacturing company

“Their communications are so sophisticated. They really know how to get the attention of our employees in so many different formats.” – HR Manager at a financial institution


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