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In addition to in-person and over-the-phone counseling, we offer a state-of-the-art member website that helps people find solutions to their everyday issues. Our website is one of the most robust in the industry, and it is easy to navigate, allowing users to find information quickly.

The member website offers thousands of articles, podcasts, webinars, self-assessments, videos, calculators, and tools to find local services and other resources, all designed to support employees with life-cycle and daily-living challenges – and all updated regularly. We also offer a variety of online tools and services to address the concerns that can distract employees and reduce their effectiveness on the job. The member website was the recipient of the 2011 Web Award Standard of Excellence. This Web Award recognizes the standard of excellence for which all websites should strive.

Our web-based decision support tools are designed to increase employees' awareness and guide them to company benefits, thereby helping employees, family members, and employers. We save employees (and therefore employers) time by providing a guided journey to information. Our user-friendly interface helps employees easily find solutions to everyday problems so they can become more productive at work and in life.

We are exceptional in the industry in having our own web design and production department. Our award-winning online tools are innovative and uniquely designed to address the needs of employees and their families. We offer enormous flexibility in customization and integration with an organization’s full menu of benefit offerings.

Our online tools also help employees stay healthy and fully informed about the EAP, Work-Life, training, and other health and wellness benefits available through their employer.

For more information on any of our programs or services, please contact info@hriworld.com.


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