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Harris, Rothenberg International, Inc., Releases Trends Report:
"When the Golden Rule No Longer Applies: The Multigenerational Workplace"

New York, NY, August 23, 2007 — In order to help companies effectively and respectfully manage the different generations, with their differing needs and work habits, www.harrisrothenberg.com [Harris, Rothenberg International (HRI), LLC] has released a trends report "When the Golden Rule No Longer Applies: The Multigenerational Workplace."

Workplace diversity is a good thing: it's good for new ideas, new talent, and public relations. Different generational work styles, each with its own characteristic energy and world view, are valuable to organizations when they can be harnessed as complementary rather than competing forces. This type of diversity can enrich every work environment, with the right leadership. Management may turn to its Human Resources (HR) Departments to help transform potential intergenerational conflicts into a productive and healthy form of workforce diversity. HRI's trends report gives examples of successful strategies companies have used to tackle the differences among the generations, and can help HR and management embrace intergenerational diversity.

"There is a lack of understanding in the workplace today," says Dr. Edward Trieber, Managing Director of HRI, "Individuals from different generations do not understand each other and, therefore, have difficulty working together. If they just took the time to understand and learn from one another, the workplace would be one cooperative unit. HRI's trends report helps teach companies how to promote understanding and institute policies that help the generations work together effectively."

To request a copy of "When the Golden Rule No Longer Applies: The Multigenerational Workplace," please visit www.harrisrothenberg.com and click on the link "Trends Report: The Multigenerational Workplace." HRI will also sponsor a webinar for its clients on multigenerational issues in September.

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