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First-of-Its-Kind Online Product Combines Counselor Expertise with Online Usability for Guided, Personalized Results

New York, NY, May27, 2009 — Harris, Rothenberg International (HRI), a leading employer and employee resource firm, today launched My Care Solutions: Information. Options. Answers., an online product designed to help navigate the uncertain path of finding child and adult care. This first-of-its-kind product combines the expertise of Work/Life Specialists and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Counselors with the usability of consumer Web sites to create personalized results that guide the individual to a customized solution. My Care Solutions for adult care focuses on supporting aging parents and grandparents while the childcare tool helps the user to explore options for children.

Both e-tools customize the process of determining the best type of care for an individual's unique situation through a series of questions and quick solutions. Upon logging into the Care Solutions portal, the individual is greeted by a series of steps that help to provide the information needed to make educated care decisions. From understanding the options available to considering details like facility hours and cost to determining the kind of care the loved one requires, the step-by-step guide helps to evaluate the available possibilities and determine the right solution.

"When we designed My Care Solutions, we were thinking about the needs of the end user," stated Edward Trieber, J.D., Ph.D., psychologist and managing director of HRI. "No one wants a laundry list of information just thrown at them, and today, people are looking for quick, reliable and specific solutions to address their personal needs. We help them identify what they need and then guide them through their decision-making process."

My Care Solutions was designed to give online users the same experience they would get if they made a call to an HRI Work/Life Specialist.

To better tailor the results provided, My Care Solutions includes a personal survey, evaluating specific insights into needs. The questions help examine the kind of care sought, the emotional and physical needs of the person it's for, as well as the logistics of the care itself. Based on the answers given, a customized packet is created that helps the individual further explore the pros and cons of the options available and take a closer look at relevant considerations.

After completing the process, a personalized online packet is created with in-depth information tailored to the needs of the individual. Available as a customized Web link, the packet can then be distributed to others involved in the decision-making process.

My Care Solutions also allows the individual to search for care facilities in his/her area via an online resource finder. Searchable by address, city or zip code, the finder gives contact information and directions for relevant providers in the designated area.

"In our fast-paced world, time is everything. Taking time off work for child or adult care issues means reduced resources for companies. Time to search for caregiving solutions means less personal time for family, friends and hobbies," said Beatrice Harris, Ph.D., psychologist and managing director of HRI. "Combining our expertise in work/life and EAP technology solutions, HRI was able to design a product that gives back precious time by pulling together necessary information in one personalized forum."

In addition to time savings, My Care Solutions is designed to provide cost savings. Over the past decade, companies have reported increases in caregiving-related staffing problems. U.S. employers report losses of up to $33.6 billion due to work schedule conflicts about adult care alone. Studies find that when EAP services are provided, work loss is avoided in 60 percent of cases and 72 percent of those cases show an increase in productivity. My Care Solutions offers additional savings for companies.

"With the current economic crunch, everyone is tightening their belts," said Trieber. "If we can save a mom $100 per week by helping her find a lower-cost daycare or save a company an employee's day lost to an adult care issue, we know My Care Solutions has done the job it was designed to do."

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