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Harris, Rothenberg International Helps Companies Prepare for Swine Flu

HRI Provides Free Guide to Help Workplaces Navigate Employee and Employer Concerns

New York, NY, May 1, 2009 — Harris, Rothenberg International (HRI), a leading employee/employer resource firm, today launched an influenza pandemic preparedness guide to aid companies in navigating difficult organizational decisions surrounding the current swine flu outbreak. The online Pandemic Flu Preparedness: Tips and Resources for Managers and Employees is available free of charge by requesting a copy at www.hriworld.com.

Pandemic Flu Preparedness: Tips and Resources for Managers and Employees outlines specific solutions for employers and employees when considering the impact and potential for a swine flu outbreak. From a checklist companies can use to ensure they are ready in case of a pandemic to frequently asked questions about swine flu and tips for keeping work environments healthy, this guide offers action plan guidance and resources that can be implemented by the employer as well as the employee.

"From what we've seen at this stage, the swine flu has the real potential to become a pandemic. Businesses and those they employ should hope for a best-case scenario while preparing for worst-case," said Edward Trieber, J.D., Ph.D., managing director of HRI. "HRI's Pandemic Flu Preparedness resource guide provides a tool that can be used to determine the course of action to take in their own homes and offices."

Incorporating the most important and current information available from the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and others, Pandemic Flu Preparedness: Tips and Resources for Managers and Employees is a single guide that brings together key findings from authority sources and applies them to the workplace environment. Specifically, Pandemic Flu Preparedness includes the following material:

  • Basic Facts About Influenza
  • Flu Emergency Preparedness for Managers
  • Minimizing Fear and Anxiety
  • Rewarding Workers During and After a Pandemic
  • Stopping the Spread of Germs at Work and at Home
  • Working from Home: Making the Most of "Plan B"
  • Pandemic Preparedness
  • Pandemic and Your Family
  • Older Adult Needs During a Pandemic
  • Living Alone During a Pandemic
  • Hygiene Poster
  • Influenza and Pandemic Preparedness "Go-to" Organizations
  • Business Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist
  • Swine Influenza and You

In addition to the above guide, HRI is hosting a Webinar with client organizations on May 1 to discuss organizational preparedness and ways to communicate with employees. The session will be recorded and posted on the company's Web site. For more information, www.hriworld.com.

About Harris, Rothenberg International, Inc.
HRI helps organizations all around the world solve their most challenging and complex people issues. HRI helps remove the barriers that prevent organizations and employees from achieving their best. Combining professional expertise and the latest technologies, HRI provides integrated solutions to clients, drawing on seven core service areas: employer and employee assistance programs (EAP), work/life services, executive coaching, training, organizational development, consulting, and web development. For more information, visit www.hriworld.com or call (800) 441-7509.

For more information on how HRI can help your organization please call 800-441-7509 or email info@hriworld.com.




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